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Remote Control - Internet Based - Live Video Systems (regular or HD)
Connect to your Remote Control System over the web and make it pan, tilt, and zoom to see what
you want with simple mouse-clicks or voice commands.
Works with most webcams and camcorders. 

Set your Remote Control System to scan a room or area in a simple or complex pattern exactly as you specify. Useful for monitoring banks, lobbies, workshop, parking lot, daycare, workrooms, etc. 

Live Remote Monitoring
With our surveillance, motion detection, tracking, and remote control features, the Remote Control System can monitor an entire room by detecting, tracking and recording movement. From anywhere in the world, use your web browser to view a history/recording of the movement captured by your Remote Control System!

Scale the camera image from 50% to 300% to get a full view or close-up view using an ordinary webcam - takes advantage of high resolution webcams too. 

Video Recording
Set your Remote Control System to record video from its input to your computer.  Make your own home movies!

Motion Tracking
The Remote Control System is tuned to track all human skin tones and can automatically pan and tilt to track the nearest person as they move around. Quality of tracking depends on quality of webcam. 

Burglar Alarm: Automatic Notification by pager, email or alarm
When you are away and are not expecting any movement, set it to automatically notify you whenever there is any motion detected.   The system can notify you by pager, it can also send you an email including an image of the intruder and it can even set an audible alarm.

Cell Phones
View the live video from your cell phone. 

Turn Lights on and off (optional)
Turn on/off just about anything that can be plugged into an electrical outlet.   Need extra equipment.
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It is a software application and remote control base that lets you put your webcam or camcorder on the web, use it for surveillance, and do things like access its video from a cell phone or upload its images to an FTP-server. It's a general purpose set of tools for webcam owners that's feature-rich but friendly. It is completely free for you to download and use. We make it available for free because it demonstrates our unique person-tracking technology which you will be able to take advantage of if you buy one of our pan/tilt bases.

All features are fully configurable and can be enabled or disabled easily. Works with most webcams in existence.
Features include the following:

* Easily make your webcam's video available on the Web to friends or to the public
* Assign remote user privilleges and passwords
* Captures webcam video to AVI movie files
* Make webcam video available to your cell phone
* Automatically upload webcam images to an FTP server
* Capture surveillance images of your home on a pre-set schedule
* Motion-triggered capture to save images only when there is movement in the room
* Play back captured surveillance images locally or over the Internet when you're away
* Digital zoom control
* Optical zoom when used with compatible hardware
* Pan and tilt base for webcams and heavy duty ones for camcorders
* Person-tracking and motion-tracking
* Remote control over the Internet
* Automated movement through a series of pre-set viewpoints


The advantage of using our equipment is that it allows our video conferencing software to automatically keep its subject in the picture as the subject moves around. It also lets your video conferencing software transmit only the subject's image rather than the whole image. This results in higher frame rates and smoother video at the receiving end.

1. The Video/Audio streaming software of your choice must be installed first. This choice will depend on the software used by the people you wish to communicate with.

Microsoft®'s NetMeeting, Webcamnow's BroadcasterTM, iNetCam's iVistaTM, Surveyor WebCam, Camarades WebCam, EarthCamTVTM, TeVeoTM, and other video streamers are known to work with our Software 1.6.


2. The Capture driver must be installed in order for your video streamer to take advantage of the tracking feature.

3. The systems Capture video source must be selected in your video streamer.

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What Do these Functions Give You?

With our person-tracking feature, you will no longer be confined to a fixed spot when video conferencing with your family, friends, and business associates. The Remote Control System automatically pans and tilts to keep you centered in the picture as you move around.

The Remote Control System's ultra-wide range of movement lets your camera point anywhere instantly without clumsy manual positioning or propping. With our point-and-click positioning feature, you can center subjects in the picture just by clicking on them. Or, with our mouse-tracking feature, you can pan and tilt anywhere by simply dragging your mouse around.

Improved Video-Conferencing
Using our specially designed software, we can help you get rid of the choppy, broken images normally associated with current video conferencing software.

Ease of Use
Our well-designed user interface lets you track movement, record videos, capture and upload regular or panoramic images with a simple click of a mouse or voice commands!

The Remote Control System works with your standard USB pc-cam (such as Logitech QuickCam® or Creative® WebCam) and is compatible with whatever video conferencing software you are currently using.

21st Century Technology is more affordable than you might imagine
If you’ve ever visited a website and saw one of those remote control (pan, tilt, rotate, zoom) webcams and felt you were still in the 20th century, you’ll love 321cam’s remote control cameras because if provides an affordable way for you to add your own security system at home or work.   Just like the extremely high end closed circuit TV systems that you see in fortune 500 and even Las Vegas casinos, the remote control camera allow you to not only duplicate the same features but they have even more.   

321Cam’s products allow live monitoring, recording for later playback, pan/tilt/rotate/zoom the camera locally and also via the internet, playback the recording locally or even remotely using the internet, view the video from your cell phone, voice activation, automatic tracking of movement, password protection and the list goes on and on.  What can the system do?

It is a Remote Control Video System
- A small robotic tripod on which you mount a webcam or digital camcorder.   In includes Artificial Intelligence software to control camera movement from your computer. Together they perform the function of a robotic camera-man for your webcam. With the system installed, your camera comes robotically alive, panning, tilting, and zooming under your computer's control.

Our software only works with Windows PC's, sorry doesn't work with Macintosh computers

Watch 120 to 170 live webcams right now (all family friendly).
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Prices and Products

The Basics

Put a Passcode/Password on your video so only those that know it can view it.
List your camera on our website or not.  
Record 24 hours a day.
Record upon movement.
Watch your recording from any other computer connected to the internet.
Watch it from your cell phone.  New
Talk using a microphone and our BuddyTalk option.
Broadcast from a Webcam OR Camcorder.
Control up to 4 cameras with 1 computer.
Do full video conferencing.
Make a Movie.
Play the move back.
Make a Panoramic Image.
Motion surveillance.
Automatic notification by email and/or pager if motion detected.  New
Web broadcast.
Change the video picture size, frame rate, compression, audio etc...
Voice Commands.
Automatically Track Movement.
Connect directly to the actual camera software from the internet using a remote PC.
Choose to have your camera up to 300 feet away from your PC.
And many, many more!!!

Our software only works with Windows PC's, sorry doesn't work with Macintosh computers

1) For Daycare providers
2) Remote Monitoring 
Pet Monitoring 
Digital Surveillance 
Video Conferencing 
Web Marketing 
Works with Cell Phones 
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Detailed FeaturesClick here to go to the Home Page

  • Motorized base gives ordinary Web Cams and/or Digital CamCorders ultra-wide angles of rotation
    (160 degrees pan and 110 degrees tilt at up to 100 degrees per second)
  • Digital zoom from 50% to 300% using an ordinary pc-cam.
  • Surveillance sweep of chosen path and speed
  • Automatic visual tracking of subject
  • Automatic image centering of subject
  • Motion detection and capture
  • Mouse-controlled camera positioning
  • Voice command response
  • Compatible with standard pc-cams with WDM drivers such as
    Logitech QuickCam® Pro 4000 or Creative® WebCam 3
  • Compatible with existing video conferencing software such as Microsoft® NetMeetingTM, MSN IM, or Yahoo! IM
  • Improves stream speed of live video conferencing
  • Movie video and audio capturing while tracking
  • Still image capturing
  • Automatic panorama image capturing
  • Internet-ready with password-protected web server
  • Internet password-protected remote positioning
  • Internet password-protected viewing of motion history
  • Very easy to install and use
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Minimum System RequirementsClick here to go to the Home Page

  • Windows® 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP.
  • Genuine Intel® PentiumTM, Pentium II, Pentium III, AMD® K6, AMD K6-2 processor running at 133 MHz or higher; for best performance, 200 MHz or above is recommended
  • 32MB RAM
  • available USB port
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Display adapter cabable of 24 bit color at 640x480
  • Windows compatible sound card and microphone (for voice command features)
  • Modem or LAN access to the Internet at 28.8Kbps or faster required (for video conferencing)
  • Web browser such as Microsoft Internet ExplorerTM 4.0 or higher, Netscape NavigatorTM 6.0 or higher
  • 20MB available hard disk space

1) For Daycare providers
2) Remote Monitoring 
Pet Monitoring 
Digital Surveillance 
Video Conferencing 
Web Marketing 
Works with Cell Phones 
What's new 
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Remote Monitoring

You don't need an expensive security solution to monitor an area while you are away. If you have a computer and internet service, then just add a RemoteControlBase to your webcam or digital camcorder to keep an eye on your home or office:

  • See camera images and move the camera from anywhere on the Internet using just a web browser

  • Cover an entire room (100° per second , 160° pan, 110° tilt, 300% digital zoom )

  • Place your RemoteControlBase and camera up to 300 feet away from a networked computer

  • Save up to 165 named pan/tilt viewpoints to turn to instantly

  • Set a password for security

  • Install Software (free) on the remote computer and listen to what's going on as well

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Remote Monitor Your Pets!   top

Are you often away from home and wonder how your pets are doing? Use your RemoteControlBase to watch over your pets while you are at work or while you are away. Check if they've torn the place apart :), or put a RemoteControlBase near their food dish, and you will know when you need to call your house-sitter to drop by your house to give them food ...

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Cockatoo Cam

Warcorp Kitty Cam

321 Puppy Cam


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Digital Surveillance  top

Surveillance with expensive CCTV surveillance systems is a thing of the past. With digital surveillance, you don't need to rewind tapes, you don't need to worry about running out of tape, and with our software you have a large selection of high-tech features:

  • Save and index digital surveillance pictures on your own computer (1 month on a 10G disk saving one image per second)

  • No tapes, all on your hard drive, automatically erase oldest pictures to limit disk space used

  • Instantly access surveillance pictures by date and time index locally or over the Internet

  • View surveillance pictures like a time lapse movie at the speed of your choice

  • Program a repeating sequence of up to 165 pan/tilt viewpoints for surveillance sweeps

  • Enable motion detection to record only when there is motion

  • Enable motion detection to track whatever moved while recording

Released June 30, 2003: CMulti-Cam Software for multi-camera support.

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Video Conferencing  top

With a webcam and a RemoteControlBase, you can enjoy videoconferencing right from your PC. Not only that, get up and walk around while the Software keeps you in the picture! Here features of videoconferencing with a Remote Control system:

  • Video conference and save on long distance

  • Use the Software to make free Internet calls (voice, text, and video) with Buddies who also have the software

  • Use the Software with many existing video conferencing applications (NetMeeting, iVista, iVisit, Media Encoder, Instant Messengers, 321Cam, etc.)

  • Get notified when Buddies go on or offline and as soon as friends leave you messages

  • RemoteControlBase can track you to keep you in the picture as you move around while online


Web Marketing  top

Do you have a store, studio, bar, or restaurant that you want to promote? Enable potential clients to visit you on-line and look around your establishment.

You can also list your Cam on the LiveCams Community (an option provided by the Software) to increase traffic to your website.



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The software is free with any purchase, no recurring charges, no other charges at all.
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Internet Based "Live Video Systems"

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