21st Century Technology is more affordable than you might imagine.


If you’ve ever visited a website and saw one of those remote control (pan, tilt, rotate, zoom) webcams and felt you were still in last century, you’ll love 321cam’s remote control cameras because it provides a very affordable way for you to add your own security system to home or work.   It is even better than the extremely high end closed circuit TV systems that you see in fortune 500 and even at Las Vegas casinos, the remote control camera allow you to not only duplicate their same features but they even do more.  


321Cam’s products allow live monitoring, recording for later playback, pan/tilt/rotate/zoom the camera locally and also via the internet, playback the recording locally or even remotely using the internet, view the video from your cell phone, voice activation, automatic tracking of movement, password protection and the list goes on and on.   All available at http://www.321cam.com


It is a Remote Control Video System - A small robotic tripod on which you mount a webcam or digital camcorder.   In includes Artificial Intelligence software to control camera movement from your computer. Together they perform the function of a robotic camera-man for your webcam. With the system installed, your camera comes robotically alive, panning, tilting, and zooming under your computer's control.   All available at http://www.321cam.com


What Can the Video System Do?

Remote Control – Connect to your Remote Control System over the web and make it pan, tilt, and zoom to see what you want with simple mouse-clicks or voice commands. Works with any webcam.

Digital Zoom – Scale the camera image from 50% to 300% to get a full view or close-up view using an ordinary webcam - takes advantage of high resolution webcams too.

Surveillance – Set your Remote Control System to scan a room or area in a simple or complex pattern exactly as you specify. Useful for monitoring banks, lobbies, workshop, parking lot, daycare, workrooms, etc.

Motion Tracking – The Remote Control System is tuned to track all human skin tones and can automatically pan and tilt to track the nearest person as they move around. Quality of tracking depends on quality of webcam.

Video Recording – Set your Remote Control System to record video from its input to your computer. Make your own home movies!

Live Remote Monitoring – With our surveillance, motion detection, tracking, and remote control features, the Remote Control System can monitor an entire room by detecting, tracking and recording movement. From anywhere in the world, use your web browser to view a history of the movement captured by your Remote Control System!

Cell Phones – View the live video from your cell phone.


All available at http://www.321cam.com (aka http://www.NannyCam.net)