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Search Engines

We have two services we provide:
1) Ranking:  We can help get you onto the first page of many major search engines.
Submissions:  Search Engine Submissions.
Search Engine Keyword Selection
4) Website Enhancements

Keywords:  Search Engine Keywords are critical, here are some of ours.

Search Engine Keyword Selection

You provide us a couple keywords that are related to your business or service

 We will:
1)  Find keywords that are related to the one or two you provided us.  
2)  We will give you dozens up to hundreds of keywords and their combinations
3)  Many of the keywords you might never have considered.
4)  This will include misspellings of your keywords
5)  You'll be given how popular we think these keywords really are.
6)  Then we will find frequently used keywords with little or no competition, which will be used to generate traffic to your website.
7)  We will provide reports (Excel format) of each of the steps 1-6.

Price:  One time fee for all of the above items 1-6 is just $99.95.   Details of these items are below.
Telephone orders 1-651-493-1601.   The Step-By-Step details is just below....

$  99.95 On Sale

Non USA residents, please click here   (you can always send the money via Western Union)

The following is a summary of Step-by-Step process we can do for you for the Search Engine Keyword process.

What will I get if I enter "Golf" ?  What are other related keywords could I get?

tee time tiger woods
pga us open
golf vacation british open
green putter
golf clubs fairway
golfer iron
Will give you up to 300 related words per keyword search...

Once we have found the words that relate to your business, we will check these words popularity in our database.

*Count Keyword
1902 golf
810 golf clubs
351 golf equipment
320 golf courses
205 used golf clubs
up to 500 keywords for each search..

*Count - Number of times the word has appeared in our database

Capitalize on misspellings because we will find many common misspellings of your key word(s):
This is great for finding niches.   Not many webmasters target misspellings.  But you can

Keywords that are misspelled
golf clugs
golf glubs
golf equiptment
golf eqipment
usd golf clubs

Our aim is to discover frequently used keywords with little or no competition and use them to generate traffic to your website.

Search Engine Submission - Get your website indexed   Click here for PRICES AND DETAILS

So you have created the best web site in the world, offer the best products or services, but all that means nothing if no one can find your site.

When your site is competing with over 1 billion other webpages and documents, you need the advantage of an experienced team that will promote your website and also each individual webpage thoroughly.   Click here for PRICES AND DETAILS

  •  Will submit any number of url's
  • Submit to Yahoo, Google, Northern Lights, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, excite, Lycos, alltheweb, dmoz, oneseek, 
  • Plus over 800,000 search engines, directories link pages, ffa sites.

Search engines are huge databases that contain information about Millions and Millions of web pages which are located on the Internet.
Yahoo (, Google (, Excite ( are the examples of such search engines.

By using a search engine, anybody can quickly and easily find a web site with the information needed. So ask yourself, "Can Internet users find my site when they need my information or service?"   By registering your site with the search engines, this will allow people to easily locate your site!

This is the main function of our program is to submit your web pages to 1000's of search engines, directories, Free for all Pages, and free classified ad sites around the globe.


Website enhancements

There are many, many things we can do to you website to get it indexed the next time the search engine spiders search the Internet.

On each of your webpages in your website we can:
Put keywords in the:
         a] header's title.
         b] description.
         c] keyword header.
         d] heading tags.
         e] links (text links).
         f] body of your webpage
         g] attached to each image or picture on a webpage
         h] rename the webpage to a descriptive name that contains your keywords
         i] rename some of your subdirectories to contain keywords
         j] create unique domain names containing keywords
        [this unique domain name would use a jump page to automatically forward the person to your main websites home page.

a] through i] above:  Price is from $20 a webpage and up.  Larger discount for multiple webpages.

 j] above: URL registration of domain names are at cost, or we can help you do it yourself.

One more thing, the more websites that you link to, and the more websites that link to your site can help the search engine placement dramatically.   We link to many others, and these others link to us.
Click here for the list of other companies linking to us.   or 
Click here for a list of affiliates linking to us












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